Man Gets Blackout Drunk, Orders $1,600 Uber From West Virginia to New Jersey

So much for drinking responsibly.

This is a picture of Uber.

Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

This is a picture of Uber.

Uber can be a godsend when you’ve had a few drinks, most of the time. As one New Jersey man learned, drinking and Ubering can have dangerous repercussions for your wallet, especially when you’ve been drinking far from home. As reports, Kenny Bachman got blackout drunk in West Virginia, when he mistakenly ordered a $1,635.93 Uber back to his home state of New Jersey. Bruh. I’ve flown across the country for less.

Even worse, the Uber driver actually accepted the ride and only woke his passenger up over two hours into the 300-mile trip. Naturally, Bachman had no idea what TF was going on or who the driver was. “I just woke up,” Bachman told NJ Advance Media in a phone interview. “And I'm thinking, 'Why the f--- am I in the car next to some random ass dude I don't even know?” Bachman said the driver took his phone and went as far as to answer a FaceTime call from a friend on his behalf while he was passed out.

To make matters worse, Bachman didn’t just order any kind of Uber. His drunk self apparently has fancy tastes and ordered an UberXL, making the journey that much more pricey. Bachman’s fare also included all the necessary tolls along the way. Oh, and of course there was a surge. Ugh. As one might expect, Bachman tried to dispute the fare with the company, but to no avail. He even gave his driver five stars. Me and my petty self would have definitely not have been as kind.


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