Meet the Woman Who Claims to Have the Most Tinder Matches Ever

And we're talking more than 5,400 Tinder matches, people!

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Meet Jazz Egger, a 19-year-old model originally from Austria who currently resides in London. A few months ago, Egger downloaded the dating app Tinder, and claims to have racked up the most matches ever. How many are we talking? A whopping 5,400. "I travel a lot and people keep Super Liking me [every Tinder user has one Super Like to give away per day]," Jazz explained to FEMAIL. While receiving a Super Like became a "normal" occurrence for Egger, FEMAIL reveals that the average female user receives one or two every month. 

Things so outrageous for Jazz that she could no longer respond to every person's Super Like. "I reached a point where I couldn’t answer everyone anymore, because I [had] swiped right on every Super Like," she said. Now, Egger includes a message in profile explaining that even if you express interest through your use of a Super Like, it doesn't mean that she will be able to get in touch with you. "Sorry this is getting out of hand. I can’t answer everyone anymore," her message reads. "I only reply if your message is super interesting. Hope you understand." 

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In addition to receiving a ton of attention from people trying to match up with her, Jazz also gets some insane offers from those who do get to the interaction stage. "I even matched with Conor Maynard and other well known musicians, YouTubers, and actors," she said. "Another crazy offer was when a guy invited me for a week in Greece on his yacht." 

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