Sarah Palin Sides With Trump After Controversial 2005 Comments

Sarah Palin defends Donald Trump amid 2005 scandal.

This is a photo of Sarah Palin.

Image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore

This is a photo of Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is one woman who wasn’t offended by Donald Trump’s 2005 audio tape, in which he discussed groping and kissing a married woman. The politician issued a statement on her Facebook page, dismissing the continued backlash.

“Disgusting, shameful, totally disrespectful "locker room" garbage, privately shared between two Hollywood playboys over a decade ago, is now made to be ‘the crudeness heard 'round the world,’” Palin wrote in an open letter late Saturday evening. While she acknowledged that Trump’s comments were offensive, she slammed the media for its overwhelming coverage of the incident that occurred 11 years ago. “As offensive, however, media obsession with a very old conversation between non-political figures when we're in a crucial time facing earth-altering shifts in our future,” she continued.

Palin also cited Hillary Clinton’s past, flawed moments as evidence that no one is perfect. “In today's Presidential race, it's only telling which candidate participated in cruder past conversations if both candidates' communications were all exposed, but alas, that won't happen. This, despite the fact that just one of Hillary Clinton's leaked conversations told us all we needed to know about her respect for a woman's life,” she wrote, with a link to an article backing her claims.

The former Governor of Alaska concluded her open letter by saying the controversy surrounding Trump’s video was nothing more than a classic political move. “It's undeniable that it's only politics allowing characterization of Trump's old comments as more outrageous and offensive than Hillary's comments…”

Although many of Trump’s GOP endorsements have backed out in light of his latest scandal, Palin isn’t the only public figure to stand behind the Republican candidate. Pharmaceutical executive, Mark Shkreli also defended Trump, stating that most men use language similar to Trump’s when trying to “score with women.”

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