Porn Traffic Took a Major Blow During Eclipse

The porn business experienced a temporary lull as traffic dropped during Monday's solar eclipse.

Los Angeles solar eclipse viewing

Image via Getty/Xinhua News Agency

Los Angeles solar eclipse viewing

In addition to Netflix having a temporary drop in viewers during Monday afternoon's solar eclipse, porn site xHamster also saw a lull in traffic, as potential spectators opted to do something that could actually make them go blind instead of just doing something their moms told them would make them go blind when they were 13.

As xHamster themselves reported from their own blog, drops in traffic were much more significant in areas that were treated to a complete (or nearly complete) eclipse, like Charleston, North Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee and Portland, Oregon, as opposed to areas with a partial eclipse.

Not that it's something we've ever thought about, but we guess that makes sense.

According to their in-house numbers, business dipped by the following percentages, in the following areas, during the peak hours of the solar event:

Nashville: 43%

Charleston: 36%

Portland: 35%

Miami: 21%

Los Angeles: 15%

New York: 15%

Chicago: 9%

Afterwards people made up the lost time by flocking to the site to the tune of an 85 percent surge in Portland, and a 63 percent surge in Charleston. All this goes to show that, as suspected, rubbing one out can't compete with the power of the sun.

Good thing for xHamster these things are pretty damn rare.

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