After Trump's Win, People Are Calling for Michelle Obama to Run in 2020

Some Democrats want Michelle Obama to run in 2020.

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While supporters of president-elect Donald Trump celebrate his victory, the rest of the country is trying to find a way to cope with the news that a former reality TV star with no political experience, a stated disdain for people of color, immigrants, and women, will take office in January. For some, this means looking ahead to four years from now to the next presidential election, where many Democrats are saying they would like to see First Lady Michelle Obama make her own run for the White House.

Michelle Obama has always been well-loved, and many Americans have long been mourning the departure of both the president and the First Lady from the White House, and now, some are saying they're ready and eager to vote for another Obama presidency.

So......we may have to start gearing up for Michelle Obama to run in 2020, can we get that campaign started now #Michelle2020

— IG: @TamiRoman (@TamiRoman) November 9, 2016

Hands up if you want to make history in four years' time... #Michelle2020 #ElectionNight

— Natalie Evans (@NatalieEvans85) November 9, 2016

As this election demonstrated, it's possible for a First Lady to make a solid run for the White House, but we will all have to wait many more months before learning who will try to take the presidency away from Donald Trump.

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