Donald Trump Reportedly Had No Idea How Much Work a Presidency Is, Obama Will Provide 'Guidance'

Donald Trump reportedly didn't know he'd have to replace everyone who works in the White House.

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It turns out that Donald Trump is every bit as "uniquely unqualified," to borrow words from president Obama, to be president as much of the nation suspected. According to the Wall Street Journal, president elect Trump somehow didn't know that he would need to hire the entire staff of the West Wing of the White House, and generally was clueless as to how big of a job the presidency is. 

Sources familiar with the private meeting president Obama and president elect Trump had in the White House on Thursday told the Wall Street Journal that Trump seemed surprised by the broad and varied responsibilities shouldered by the president of the United States. 

The Wall Street Journal further reports that president Obama plans to spend additional time with Trump to guide him through a transition process the president elect clearly hadn't planned for. The Wall Street Journal reports that a senior Trump aide told the paper that candidate Trump didn't devote any time to planning a transition to power, citing Trump's desire not to "jinx" the election.

Overall, Trump is behind on transition planning, probably because he was unaware until after he was elected that he'd have to replace everyone who works on the president's staff, according to the Wall Street Journal. Trump has begun announcing key cabinet positions, namely his chief-of-staff Reince Priebus, and chief strategist and senior counsel, Stephen Bannon.  

Bannon is the chairman of far-right media group Breitbart, and Priebus is the chairman of the Republican National Committee. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that white nationalists across the internet are celebrating Bannon's appointment to a key White House position under Trump.

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