Women of Complex: Our Favorite Women-Owned Online Businesses

A list of our favorite women-owned online businesses chosen by the women at Complex. Find everything from haircare to athletic clothing and mental health care.

Complex Women Owned Online Businesses
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Complex Women Owned Online Businesses

March is Women’s History Month, and while it’s important to honor the women who throughout history have paved the way for generations to come, it’s equally important to support those around us. This means seeking out and supporting women creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners. With that in mind, the women of Complex are sharing our favorite women-owned-and-run online businesses and highlighting the items they produce, from Kerin Rose Gold’s crystal creations to Erica Diehl’s Hot Ones-approved hot sauce.

We’ve rounded up the online shops and organizations you should know about, with products and services ranging from haircare to athletic clothing and even mental health care.

Check out the list below for women-owned online businesses you can support this month and every month.

Our Green House

Queen Majesty Hot Sauce

Sad Girls Club


Website: ShateraShatera

Shatera is a millennial fitness trainer and wellness advocate cultivating opportunities for women to achieve healthy fitness goals that match their lifestyles without restriction and guilt. As the owner of The Shatera Hillyer Brand, she’s built her brand around demythifying notions about food, health, and body image. Her passion and goals are to create access specifically for women of color in nutrition, fitness journeying, coordinating self-care with health goals, and all things active lifestyle. Shatera is based in the DMV and works with a community of women clients both virtually and IRL, developing activity regimens and wellness programs.—Diamond Alexis, Social Media & Community Specialist, Branded Content

Melissa Mercedes

La Gritona Tequila



Aura Zalez

The Hip Hop Agenda

Local European


Hot Lava

Kitten Co Jewelry

High Voltage Nails

Neon Warwick

Grl Getter

Painted by Portia

Broke on Purpose

Reparations Club

Latest in Life