Harvard Professor Explains Why Sex Robots Could Make Men Obsolete

But, Dr. Cathy O'Neil doesn't necessarily see that as a bad thing.

This is a photo of Sex Robots.

Image via Getty/Robyn Beck

This is a photo of Sex Robots.

Having sex with a hyper-realistic robot might be appealing to some guys; however, a recent editorial by a Harvard professor might cause them to have a change of heart.

Mathematician Cathy O’Neil claims it is completely possible for these sex machines to eventually make men obsolete. It’s a surprising viewpoint when you consider guys are generally more willing to get it on with these robots than women are; however, the Harvard expert makes a compelling argument.

“Perhaps it’s time for a Big Think. Are women not as capable as men of crude objectification? There’s room here for everyone’s impure thoughts and desires. Robots don’t discriminate, and they can probably give good massages,” O’Neil wrote in column for Bloomberg. “I do think women could get spoiled by dashing menbots. Their standards might go up. They might even be lost to the dating pool altogether.”

She goes on to address the potential dangers of having a sex robot, like the possibility of hackers turning it into a killing machine. But O’Neil argues the benefits might outweigh the risks, especially when you consider the current rates of domestic violence.

“[T]he statistician in me can’t help asking: Would that make them more of a threat than actual men? Given the baseline murder rate for human sexual partners, it’s hard to get too worried,” she writes. “Plus, if they can understand female anatomy—I mean, really understand it—maybe it’s worth the risk.”

O’Neil adds that the rise of sexbots could also drastically change traditional living arrangements, leading couples to live in separate homes. She says this could potentially lead to a stronger, healthier community for all genders.

“I’m not saying we should want to live in a militant feminist world without men. Far from it, I am suggesting that women and men can coexist, but possibly not cohabitate,” she explains. “[…]We’ll come together, online or in person, and be more respectful, more relaxed, less edgy. It’s worth a try. So bring on the sex robots.”

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