YouTuber Sees Massive Spike in Subscribers After Promising Sex Tape If She Reaches 1 Million Followers

YouTuber Lena Nersesian posted a video on Jan. 17 promising her fans that she'd post a sex tape if she and her partner each reached 1 million subscribers.

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The YouTube comments section has been on one this past week for a vlogger who runs the channel "Lena the Plug." Lena Nersesian, the woman behind the YouTube account, posted a video on Jan. 17 promising her fans that she'd post a sex tape if she reached 1 million subscriptions. At the time she posted the video, Nersesian reportedly had around 32,000 followers. At press time, her channel had amassed more than 180,000.

"You may or may not have heard that I plan on making a sex tape when I hit a million subscribers," Nersesian said in the video. In addition, however, her alleged sex tape partner Adam Grandmaison of the YouTube channel "No Jumper" must also hit 1 million subscriptions to his channel, which currently has just under 400,000 followers.

Explaining why she decided to make a sex tape, she said:

"I have been approached to do porn multiple times in the last year. Putting provocative pictures on the internet will get you such offers," she said. "It's never been something that I've been interested in, been tempted by. I don't want to do porn, I really have no interest in doing it—no problems with it, but just no interest in doing it. But a sex tape with someone I'm seeing and I'm totally comfortable having sex with? That sounds cool to me."

Whether they're fans or simply there to drag Nersesian's sales pitch, users are blowing up her comments section with some good old fashioned slut-shaming. "Be ashamed of yourself for offering a service like this, my god.. Do women have to go this low for attention?" wrote one commenter. "This is sad, you are willing to go as far as porn just for subscribers? The human race is a stupid species," wrote another.

"I'm really into like doing everything once just to say you did it, maybe 'cause it makes a good story," Nersesian said. "I think it could be fun."

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