Teen Gets USB Cable Stuck in His Penis in Botched Measuring Attempt

An unnamed UK-based teenager reportedly had to undergo emergency penis surgery after he somehow managed to insert a whole USB cable into his urethra.

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A UK-based teenager had to undergo emergency penis surgery after he somehow managed to insert a whole USB cable into his urethra.

Per a case study on the incident provided by the medical journal Urology Case Reports via Science Direct, the unnamed teen inserted the knotted USB wire, which looks to be a standard USB A to B cable, into his urethra as part of “sexual experimentation.” The teen was taken to a local hospital after he began urinating blood, but initial attempts to retrieve the cable from his penis proved unsuccessful because of the knotting.

When the teen was transferred to University College Hospital London, the end of the USB cable was protruding from the end of his penis. He later requested for further examination without his mother present, at which point he admitted that he inserted the cable “to measure the length of his penis triggered by sexual curiosity.” 

Due to the positioning, which was confirmed by X-rays, surgeons had to make an incision between his genitals and anus to pull the cable out. “The knotted cable was revealed in the proximal aspect of the penile urethra and cut from the remainder of the cord,” the case report reads. “The urethra was closed with interrupted sutures and a urethral catheter was inserted. His recovery was uneventful, and he was discharged the following day with simple analgesia, oral antibiotics, and the urethral and suprapubic catheters in situ.”

Two weeks after the surgery, the teen had a follow-up appointment to assess how his healing had been going. “No evidence of urine leak or urethral stricture was observed apart from a slight calibre change at the distal bulbar and proximal penile urethra,” the report reads. "The catheter was removed successfully, and ongoing follow-up is required to monitor for any long-term damage."

As noted in the report, the insertion of foreign objects into the urethra can result in serious issues. Among the most common problems are urinary tract infections, painful erections, and more. “The most common causes of foreign body insertion into the lower genitourinary tract include sexual curiosity, sexual practice after intoxication, and mental disorders such as borderline, schizoaffective and bipolar personality disorders," the report states.

There’s been some concern over the very dangerous sexual practice of “sounding,” in which an individual inserts foreign bodies into their urethra. There are even “sounding kits” available to purchase online, which often consist of metal rods of various sizes.

As the New York Post reported last month, one 30-year-old Michigan man became the subject of a similar Urology Case Report when he inserted six kidney beans into his urethra. When asked why he inserted the beans in his shaft, he said he wanted to “express the beans during ejaculation.” Don’t stick beans in your penises, folks.

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