Don’t Get Too Excited Glizzy Lovers: 7-Eleven Announces Hot Dog-Flavored Sparkling Water for April Fool's Day

You can get your hands on some sparkling glizzy juice this April, apparently.

A hand holds a can labeled "BIG BITE HOT DOG Sparkling Water" against a blurred background
via 7-Eleven
A hand holds a can labeled "BIG BITE HOT DOG Sparkling Water" against a blurred background

7-Eleven is introducing an absurd new sparkling water on April 1, a launch date that definitely isn't suspicious.

As the convenience retailer announced on Wednesday, March 27, its 7-Select sparkling water flavors, including Lemon Lime and Green Apple among the usual suspects, will be joined by a flavor inspired by the store's Big Bite Hot Dog. That's right, 7-Eleven has promised to launch glizzy-flavored sparkling water at stores starting next month.

"While crafting flavors like Lemon Lime and Sweet Orange came more easily, our journey took an unexpected turn with the creation of Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water—a daring flavor that pushes the boundaries of flavor innovation," said 7-Eleven executive Marissa Jarratt. "7-Eleven is constantly in pursuit of innovative, unique experiences for our customers, and the 7-Select x Miracle Seltzer lineup is sure to delight even the most adventurous of palates. We’re excited for customers to embark on this flavor adventure and experience their favorite snack in a whole new form."

The flavor, which we still don't think is real, was developed in partnership with Miracle Seltzer. "Through our collaboration with 7-Eleven, Miracle Seltzer continues to shake up the beverage industry with new, innovative flavors," added Miracle Seltzer co-founder and creative director Jason Wright. "By infusing elements of design, fashion and art into each and every sip, we bring consumers along on a journey through flavor and creativity."

Details regarding its availability will be announced next week if the idea of premium wiener juice sounds appealing, or if it's even real. They haven't done much to convince us that it's real, but hey, there's certainly an appetite for all sorts of stuff these days.

If it is real, someone should track down Joey Chestnut and see how many cans he can throw back.

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