Wife Wearing 'Stop Domestic Violence' T-Shirt Arrested for Domestic Violence

A wife in Main was arrested for domestic violence while wearing a "Stop Domestic Violence" shirt.

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A Maine woman couldn't have picked a worse outfit when she was arrested for domestic violence. Emily Wilson, 38, was arrested last month while wearing a "Stop Domestic Violence" t-shirt. While fighting with her husband, she allegedly brandished a firearm and fired it into their mattress. Her husband also accused her of grabbing his wrist.

Wilson is set to be arraigned June 6.

The two were allegedly arguing about his infidelity, according to Bangor Daily News. Her husband, who remains unnamed because of the domestic violence incident, called the local Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Office, and they in turn called Maine State Police. Wilson was arrested on two domestic violence charges: reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon and domestic violence assault. She posted $200 cash bail the evening of her arrest. 

It's taken some time for her arraignment because the Piscataquis County grand jury doesn't meet until June, when they will consider whether or not to indict Wilson. If convicted of the weapons charges, she could face up to five years in prison with a heavy fine.

The nature of the arrest may seem humorous because of the clothing Wilson was wearing when it happened, but domestic violence still poses a serious issue in the U.S., something she may have been aware of given her t-shirt. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, domestic violence comprises 15 percent of all violent crimes committed in the country.

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