Video Shows Target Store Partially Collapses After Landslide

The department store is temporarily closed.

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A Target location in Barboursville, West Virginia was forced to close when a hill slip caused the building to partially collapse, according to local outlet WSAZ.

The Target store suffered its first slip on Feb. 1. The damage required a crew to visit the location to repair a water line that was ruptured. Although the store reopened the following day, the ground settled again, causing the water line to break once again and damaging the sewer line as well.

The closure was believed to be temporary until Barboursville Mayor Chris Tatum said the ground behind Target shifted more in recent days, causing “significant damage” to the perimeter and roadway behind the building, as well as the store itself.

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“From the time it happened, it’s been all hands on deck, and people have just been trying to help out and get the situation resolved,” said Mayor Tatum to WSAZ. “And I know it’s not in the time frame we would like to see it open back up. Their initial time frame was 48 hours. I hate to say it, but acts of God are not covered under what we all think should happen.”

“It’s become an important place over the last 20-something years. Our goal is the same as everyone else’s -- getting them back open as safely as possible,” Mayor Tatum added.

Demolition of the damaged back portion of the store began on Friday with the other businesses in the plaza remaining open and not believed to be in any danger. However, three residences behind the store received voluntary eviction notices from Target prior to the slip and reportedly received offers from the retail corporation to cover their relocation costs.

“The safety of our team, guests, and neighbors is our top priority, and we are continuing to work on our Barboursville store to address the recent land movement,” said a Target spokesperson.

“Starting this week, we will be removing a damaged portion of the store and taking additional steps to prepare for construction in the coming months. We continue to closely assess the condition of the site and partner with local officials to secure the area and repair the store as safely as possible.”

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