Man Accidentally Trapped Inside NYC Security Vault for 10 Hours

In a bizarre incident, a 23-year-old found himself trapped inside a building's vault in Midtown Manhattan.

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A 23-year-old man was accidentally locked inside a security vault in New York City.

According to ABC 7 New York, the man was accessing his safety deposit box in a DGA security vault in Midtown when employees closed it, unaware he was inside. Authorities say the man got stuck inside at around 7 p.m and remained there for about 10 hours.

"There was a customer inside the vault at the time that it closes. Once it's closed, it's on a timing mechanism. That vault does not reopen until a certain amount of time passes," said FDNY Chief John Sarrocco. "Firefighters and police attempted to breach the vault for hours but decided to wait for it to open automatically."

Sarrocco also explained the vault had about 30 inches of concrete with steel reinforcement and plating, making it challenging to cut through with specialized tools, which could potentially harm the trapped customer.

Once the vault's timer released him, the man was checked by EMS and sent home after they determined he was in good health. No criminal activity was suspected.

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