During a recent interview, Rudy Giuliani admitted that he had received preferential treatment because of his "celebrity" when he contracted COVID-19.

Cited by Forbes, Giuliani said during an interview with WABC radio that if he wasn't famous, he thinks he wouldn't have even been admitted to the hospital as quickly as he did.

"If it wasn’t me, I wouldn’t have been put in a hospital frankly,” Giuliani said. "Sometimes when you’re a celebrity, they’re worried if something happens to you they’re going to examine it more carefully, and do everything right,” he continued. 

It was originally reported that Giuliani contracted COVID-19 last week, which was revealed by former-President Donald Trump via Twitter.

Giuliani was then hospitalized that Sunday, where he said he experienced “serious symptoms” before he was given experimental drugs that weren't available to others in the same quantities. During the interview, he also said that he received the same "cocktail" of medications that Trump did when he contracted the virus.

According to the New York Times ​​​​officials at the FDA have raised concerns privately that people with connections to the White House seem to be obtaining access to the antibody treatment before it has reached anyone else as well.