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Therapy is important and something that should be normalized, in general. Chris Rock has been aware of this, and during the coronavirus pandemic, he turned to therapy more often to help cope with the drastically changing world we live in.

According to People, Rock sat down with Gayle King in an interview set to drop on Jan. 3 and talked about how he's been dealing with the pandemic and how upping his therapy sessions to every week has helped him.

“You have to tell the truth,” the comedian told King. “You have to tell – you have to go into therapy prepared to tell the worst part of yourself every week, you know?”

Rock went on to talk about how his therapy sessions have helped him learn more about himself, and therefore helped him understand what he needs to do to get through this pandemic and maintain his mental health.

“I learned that I could be very hard on myself,” he said. “Like really, really hard on myself, and I need to relax. And I need to listen, I need to take chances.”

At the beginning of October, Chris Rock poked fun at President Donald Trump and the pandemic during his opening monologue for the inaugural episode of season 46 of Saturday Night Live.

Thankfully, Chris Rock is still able to keep everyone's spirits high even as he struggles to see the bright side of this tumultuous year like the rest of us.