An Oregon nurse who decided to boast about her apparent life as an anti-masker has been placed on administrative leave.

In a statement shared to its Facebook page over the weekend, Salem Health—a hospital providing medial services to those in and around the Willamette Valley area—slammed the nurse for showing a "cavalier disregard" for the seriousness of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

"This video has prompted an outcry from concerned community members," a Salem Health rep said. "We want to thank those of you who brought this to our attention and assure you that we are taking this very seriously. This individual does not speak for Salem Health and has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation."

In the TikTok clip in question, per regional outlet KPTV, the nurse used How the Grinch Stole Christmas audio while boasting about continuing to travel whilst not wearing a mask and also allowing her children to "have playdates." The nurse is wearing scrubs in the clip, which is believed to have been recorded in a break room.

As noted in the Salem Health statement regarding this ignorance-laden video, it's integral that we all "do our part to protect the vulnerable" as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Over the weekend, Dr. Anthony Fauci—the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a frequent target of ire from anti-maskers—tried once more to make the seriousness of our current situation clear to those still leaving in denial.

"Perhaps even two or three weeks down the line, we may see a surge upon a surge," Fauci told ABC News when addressing the impact of mid-pandemic holiday travel. "You know, we don't want to frighten people but that's just the reality."