A man reportedly fell from a cliff near the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook in Arizona and died while taking photos over the weekend.

The recovery of the man's body was confirmed on Tuesday, with a National Park Service (NPS) rep from the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area stating that they had received word early Sunday morning that a person had "fallen off a cliff overlooking the Colorado River." According to witness accounts, the man was taking pictures on top of the rim overlooking the river when he fell an estimated 100 feet and then slid approximately 150 feet further. 

The victim suffered severe trauma and showed no signs of life after the fall, the NPS rep said, adding that a regional deputy had rappelled down to the victim and confirmed that the man—later identified as 25-year-old Orlando Serrano-Arzola—was deceased.

NPS, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, and the Coconino County Medical Examiner are now investigating the death.

Per CBS News, authorities discovered unrelated human remains—described in a report as including bones—at the base of the canyon while recovering Serrano-Arzola's body. The explanation for the presence of those remains, of course, also remains under investigation. No additional information was released.

Unfortunately, the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook accident doesn't mark the first time that someone has fallen to their death while taking photos amid nature. Late last month, for example, a man who was said to be "posing for a photo" on an Oregon cliff ultimately fell 100 feet to his death.

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