Racial tensions have heightened in America. Instead of extending empathy to a fellow citizen, a Walmart customer decided to inflame a situation using racial slurs. 

On Saturday, TMZ obtained footage of a confrontation between two shoppers at a Stone Mountain, Georgia Walmart. In the video, a Black woman can be heard yelling at a white shopper. According to the Black woman, the white woman sparked her rage by calling her the N-word. 

"Say it again and I'm going to whoop your behind all over this store," the unidentified Black shopper says to the white woman. The confrontation continued to grow, gaining the attention of employees. Multiple workers rushed to the scene to defuse the situation, but the Black woman made it clear that they wouldn't be able to control her if the white woman uses the slur again. 

The person who shot the video told TMZ that the exchange began when the white woman tried to cut the Black woman in line. After being confronted by the Black woman, the white woman decided to call her the N-word. From there, things escalated. 

Fortunately, workers were able to control the situation. Both women were able to go their separate ways without violence ensuing. The police did not have to respond to the scene.