A woman wearing egregiously patterned boots has been dubbed a "Karen" on Reddit and beyond after the sharing of footage in which she's seen claiming to be calling police on a Black U.S. Census Bureau worker.

The footage in question, per the Daily Dot's report on Monday, first started taking off via the FuckYouKaren subreddit over the weekend.

"I am minding my business," the man filming the woman during the interaction says in the opening moments of the first clip, which is said to have been taken in Houston, Texas. "That's what I'm doing." From there, we get a glimpse at what the woman has been up to in the moments leading up to the man deciding to hit record on his phone.

The woman is heard complaining about the man being "in front of my neighbor's house," obnoxiously telling him to leave because he doesn't "have a reason to be here," whatever that's supposed to mean.

Later, the woman is seen on the phone with—at least according to her—the police. She gives officers a description of the census worker, who notes that he will wait for the police to arrive and also refers to her as a "Karen" before pointing out the inaccuracies in her claims. At one point, the woman is overheard saying the man is "trying to make a political statement," though—once again—it's not clear what, exactly, that is supposed to mean.

The second part of the footage shows police arriving at the scene, speaking first with the man who was targeted. Ultimately, one of the responding officers is seen claiming to the man that the woman never actually notified the authorities and that they were instead responding to his subsequent call in which he reported harassment. Furthermore, the officer states to the man's audible frustration, the woman "does this all the time" due to what the officer claims are "psychiatric issues." The exact nature or further explanation of that attempted line of defense, however, is not made clear by the officers in the video.