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As the United States currently leads the globe in cases and deaths due to COVID-19 forcing nationwide shutdowns of several establishments including clubs in certain states, footage has surfaced on social media that appears to show employees of the L.A. sheriff department going to a party at a bar.

The video that surfaced from a progressive activist group shows several employees of the sheriff's department identifying themselves on camera, said they had no fever, and proceeded to go to what they described as the "LASD party" at the nearby bar, Eater L.A. According to the L.A. Times, in a statement made by the establishment, they said that there was no official booking from the L.A. Sheriff's Department for the function.

“It was not a booking by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department directly, and we cannot confirm whether LASD staff were present."

Deputy Maria Lucero, a spokesperson for the department, also said that there is an open investigation to try and figure out if those seen in the video going to the party were actually employees of the department.

“We can’t confirm that those are our employees, and we don’t have a statement at this time,” she said. “We are investigating.”

Shortly after their investigation concluded, LASD released a statement on Facebook and Twitter, writing, "The persons identified in the video are not employees of the Sheriff's Department and this event was not hosted by the LASD." You can read it in full below.