A white woman in the Upper West Side area of New York City is entering a state of online virality after being filmed calling the police on a black woman for no reason at all, even at one point claiming to authorities that she was being attacked, despite that not being the case.

The woman — identified in @_brownsugarbaby's original post as Svitlana Flom (more on that in a minute) — is seen on the phone giving police varying versions of the same vague story. As the Instagram user who shot the footage explains, however, she was simply minding her own business when Flom placed a call to the authorities because "she THOUGHT I was smoking in public." 

By the third call to authorities, she said, Flom was falsely accusing the woman of threats against her and her children while feigning distress.

"How you come over here just feeling sooooo privileged & soooo comfortable enough to tell me I should leave?" @_brownsugarbaby said in the caption. "You're buggin ... She wanted to be a victim soooo bad!"

Ultimately, police did arrive, though they (fortunately) declined to do anything. In one clip, Flom is seen asking the woman to accompany her to meet the responding officers. "If Bozo was a person, it would be you," the woman says in response to this request.

Svitlana Flom, as stated in the post, is said to be the same Svitlana Flom behind @artdefete, a "lifestyle entertaining expert" account that’s now set to private. Furthermore, her apparent husband is Gary Flom, who's named in Getty Images uploads of years past as the president and CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Manhattan. 

A post from that dealership's official Facebook page over the weekend noted, however, that the location has since changed hands and is under new ownership and management.

"Gary Flom went bankrupt back in 2017 and Jaguar Land Rover dealership was taken away from him back in 2017," the post explained. Indeed, bankruptcy did strike the site back in 2017, with insider reports at the time declaring it part of the "stunning downfall of a Manhattan automotive empire." LMAO.