A barbershop in Brooklyn that was allegedly flouting coronavirus-induced social distancing rules had their (again, alleged) good time broken up by cops, after it was discovered they were having an underground party with more than 50 people in attendance.

This fairly large get-together had been occurring on Saturday, at least until "just after 10 p.m." when police crashed the gathering and found several dozen people partying in the basement of the supposed-to-be-closed shop. 

Authorities gave out 60 summonses due to social distancing violations, in addition to arresting two people over their connection to a gun found at the shop, according to The New York Daily News

In addition to raiding the event, NYPD helicopters were utilized to catch as many attendees as possible. 

A person who had been in the shop at the time went on social media and claimed he was merely a camera guy, and that those in attendance were filming a music video. 

Police denied that was true, and stated that the party had no larger purpose (other than being a party). 

The bust came on the same day that Mayor Bill de Blasio appealed to New Yorkers to tell on other New Yorkers/businesses defying social distancing guidelines. He also gave them a number to text photos of non-compliance to, though whether or not this bust is related to that isn't super clear at the moment:

NYPD officers are reportedly offering warnings for breaking these rules, at least initially, though they can give out fines of up to $1,000 if violators don't comply.