A white nationalist and featured speaker at the fatal Unite the Right rally was arrested earlier this week on multiple charges including kidnapping.

36-year-old Augustus Sol Invictus was arrested Monday at a mall in Florida by Brevard County Sheriff's deputies acting on a warrant from South Carolina, The Miami Herald reported. He's being held without bond and slated to appear before a judge on Jan. 15 on charges including kidnapping, domestic violence, and possession of a firearm during a crime of violence. In jail, records Invictus was described as an "out of stage fugitive." Nick Martin, a journalist whose coverage focuses on extremism in the U.S.. first reported the news of the arrest, which is related to allegations of putting a weapon to his wife's head and forcing her to travel across state lines.

Invictus, once described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an "admitted Holocaust denier" who "fantasizes about open civil war," once staged an unsuccessful bid to win a Senate spot against Marco Rubio. Around the same time, his name appeared in numerous headlines in connections with reminders of his drinking of goat's blood and self-assessment of being some sort of a god. "What’s disturbing about him is he blends these ideas with a very exalted idea of himself," someone who knew him from his law school days told the SPLC in 2017.

Per this week's reports, Invictus had been under surveillance in Florida since Dec. 25 thanks to a tip from South Carolina authorities. He was ultimately taken in while exiting a gym.

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