In a perfect world, burgeoning memes would never be subjected to something as tepid as a full-blown explainer article. Alas, we do not live in that world.

The latest meme to secure united attention via tweets of varying degrees of relatable hilarity centers on a holidays-shared clip of a young girl intently listening to the presumably wise words of a grandparent while tearfully agreeing. As the clip (originally shared by @sadiealeewhite) started off on its path to viral ubiquity, inquiring minds were given the official backstory.

Per Sadie, the memed moment was brought on by the reality of having to eat an actual meal prior to enjoying ice cream, an annoyance that was also further complicated by a lack of naps.

From there, the clip took on a life of its own, providing the visual representation needed for the emotional betterment of thousands of quite possibly holidays-exhausted meme patrons. Even a Santa Claus-honoring account got in on the discourse by using the clip to declare a deep-rooted sadness regarding the end of One Direction.

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