Eddie Murphy is back acting in movies, Donald Trump is relevant again and the Motorola Razr has returned — it's 2004 all over again.

Motorola has brought its best-selling flip phone back for its nostalgic fans, but there's a noticeable difference: it’s an Android smartphone that can fold in half. You're not getting this smartphone for 2004 prices, however. It will come with a price tag of $1,500 when it hits stores in January. It's also only available on Verizon.

Unlike other phones, Razr buyers can expect a folding OLED display, rather than a regular screen. Even the box that the smartphone comes in is pretty unique. The Razr comes in a package that you can use as a stand for the phone, or a small speaker that can amplify your music slightly, according to CNET. Be careful with the phone though, it costs $299 to replace the foldable screen after the one-year warranty expires.

Chaim Gartenberg, a news editor for The Verge, spent a few hours with the new Razr and wrote a generally favorable review about the smartphone. But he listed off a few critiques of the phone that buyers should probably know.

"It’s too expensive, with specs that are too weak for the price, especially compared to the wealth of more powerful phones with better cameras and hardware that are available," he wrote. "And the foldable display technology is too untested to be truly reliable, even with Motorola’s assurances. But I’m still really excited by the Razr and the fact that it exists."

People on Twitter are excited about the phone's return, and had a lot to say online: