You can’t knock the hustle, no matter how evil and conniving it may be. On Thursday, Mother Nature decided that mid-November was a great time to hit an unprepared New York City with its first snowfall of the year. By the early evening, Central Park reported a record six inches of snow. 

With snow on the ground and the temperature dipping to the low-to-mid 30s, New Yorkers just wanted to get to a warm and dry place as quickly as possible. And that’s when Uber came through, like, "oh yeah, about that." Capitalizing on their desperation, the ride-sharing service has applied a price surge to their customers’ commutes, and people are understandably upset.

Uber can redirect you to their "What is dynamic pricing?" page all they want, but anyone who uses the service is going to be pissed to see that they have to shell out more money in the midst of a snowstorm. Then, they’re going to air out their grievances on Twitter.