A Canadian man risked his life in an effort to educate the world about climate change.

Kurtis Baute, aka the whimsical scientist, sealed himself in a DIY biodome to demonstrate the dangers of rising carbon dioxide levels. CTV News reports the man intended to remain in the structure for three days, relying solely on plants for oxygen.

“I plan to breathe as calmly as possible because every breath I take will be affecting the environment,” he told the outlet. “So I'm going to just try to keep very calm about the fact that my breathing that impact the air.”

Baute filled the 10-foot-cubed dome with about 200 plants, which include specifies of cacti to produce clean air during the night. He also equipped himself with devices that will monitor his vitals as well as the CO2 levels inside the “jar.” Baute told The Star Vancouver he would abort the mission if the situation became too hazardous to his health. There was also a paramedic on site just in case.

So, what were his main risks? CO2 levels exceeding one percent and 90-degree-plus temperatures.

“I am trying to get the message out about climate change in a way that's engaging but not disturbing,” he told CTV News. “[…] There's just enough room for this chair and a hammock and enough room to pace a little bit,” Baute admitted. “But I'm going to try to be pretty sedentary because every breath takes me one step closer to danger.”

Baute, who also runs a popular YouTube channel, invited others to follow his journey using the hashtag #KurtisInaJar. He later announced that he was forced to exit the dome because the situation became much too dangerous.

He has also tweeted several ways humans can combat rising CO2 levels:

1. Eat less meat, it is horribly inefficient and uses tons of fossil fuels. Maybe try giving it up for #MeatlessMonday or go further than that. 

2. Drive less. Cut your commute time. Bike, carpool, take transit, work from home. Your car is suffocating and cooking you and I both. Besides, you've got better things to do than sit in traffic.

3. Start a conversation about this. Let's be real, and encourage each other to do better. That's the end of the rant for now. Thanks!