This past month, #TeamToyota gave us the rare opportunity to visit South Korea during the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. With two of the best tour guides in the country showing us around, we got to enjoy the best food and tour some of the most amazing South Korean spots over the course of 11 days.

Rather than bore you with a long essay of how crazy the trip was, here’s a visual recap of the best parts of the trip through photos. 

Hitting the Slopes

South Korea Women's Snowboard Slopes
Image via David Amaya

One of the first stops on the trip was to PyeongChang, where we were able to watch Jamie Anderson from the USA win Gold during the Women’s Snowboard Slope Style Finals.

First We Feast  

South Korea Street Cart
Image via David Amaya

All you need to know is every single street cart in South Korea is phenomenal.

We’ve Been to the Mountaintop

South Korea Mountaintop
Image via David Amaya

The Welli Hilli Hotel was one of the many hotels we stayed at while we were in the mountains. This was one of my favorites views during the trip.


When in South Korea We Eat BBQ

South Korea BBQ
Image via David Amaya

You obviously can’t go to South Korea without eating Korean BBQ at least five times. This was one of the best pork BBQ spots I’ve ever eaten at.

South Korean New Year is Lit 

South Korea New Years
Image via David Amaya

Luckily for us, we were in Busan, South Korea during the Korean New Year. The streets were lit for an entire week. I definitely tried to get some fire ‘Grams off in here.  

Catch of the Day 

South Korea Fishing
Image via David Amaya

We got to eat at so many different places during the trip, but this was definitely one of the more memorable ones. We visited an actual trout farm that was a 2-hour bus ride, but man was it worth it.. They literally catch the fish right outside the restaurant and then cook it for you. One of the best meals on the trip, for sure. Also, just look at that damn view.

Run this Town 

South Korea Village
Image via David Amaya

This was the Gamcheon Village—one of the cooler spots we visited—which is basically a strip of stores and houses that have become a really popular tourist spot. It also reminded me of the Favela in Rio de Janiero, which you probably best remember from the Fast and Furious movies.  

Coast to Coast   

South Korea Ocanside
Image via David Amaya

The Amalfi coast of South Korea.


Best I Ever Had    

South Korea Restaurant
Image via David Amaya


Our last meal for the trip took place at the Michelin 2 Star-rated restaurant, Jungsik. This might have been the best meal I’ve ever had, in my 27 years of life.


Sky’s the Limit

South Korea Slopes
Image via David Amaya

It was back up to the mountains when we saw the Women’s Slalom Alpine Skiing. Yet another amazing view from the mountain.


Picture Perfect Paradise  

South Korea Beaches
Image via David Amaya

Paradise Hotel in Busan lived up to its name. It had a perfect view for a good Instagram post. HA!


You Must Be Buggin’

South Korea Bug Cuisine
Image via David Amaya

Probably not the best way to promote South Korean cuisine, but this dish was actually pretty good. Yes, those are bugs. 



Water World   

South Korea Docks
Image via David Amaya

Another shot from the “Amalfi Coast” of South Korea.


Village People  

South Korea Village Views
Image via David Amaya

Gamcheon Village.


Clam Up

South Korea Clam BBQ
Image via David Amaya

Who doesn’t love some clam BBQ for lunch?


All You Can Eat  

South Korea Buffet
Image via David Amaya

A feast for the ages.


It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

South Korea Sunset
Image via David Amaya

And here is the final view from South Korea. Thank you again to Toyota for the trip of a lifetime.