It was only two years ago that Ben Carson and Donald Trump were both Republican candidates running for the nomination seat.

Now, in an unearthed clip caught by The Source, Carson hilariously describes Trump's rise in America as the country being in a "WWE Raw stage."

"I don't know if I would adopt his style. His style resonates with a large number of people largely because of where we are as a nation," said Dr. Carson to Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson on the Scoop B Radio podcast, on Trump's popularity. "We’re sort of at what I call the 'WWE Raw stage' and this is what appeals to us and that's certainly not who I am and I never will be that. I’m always gonna be who I am."

Carson later added: "But, apparently it’s what the people need at this juncture and so things happen as they’re supposed to. It’s a big complex picture. So I just look at it as I still have a tremendous desire to try to save this nation, particularly for the young people who are coming along to, make sure that they have the same kind of opportunities that I did. So I'm gonna be working very hard to make sure that happens."

If elected, Carson said he would focus on education, particularly in "disadvantaged areas" which are "factories for failure," as well as incarceration. "How do we elevate people?" he questioned. 

Since he's been named the Housing and Urban Development Secretary, it doesn't seem like he's held onto those beliefs—especially as he's allegedly bringing in $31,000 tables. Scandalous. Listen to the clip below.