Whether it's walking down a busy street or posted up in a cafe, many of us are constantly looking at the screens of our smartphones. So much of our lives are wrapped up in these devices, from managing emails for work to following the latest hashtags that are trending on social media. It's one of our biggest sources of entertainment (and, at times, information), but is also one of our biggest downfalls. That might be a bit dramatic, though; let's just say that so many people are feeling physical pain from their necks being in a certain position that they are being caused physical harm.

That's according to a new article from the New York Times on how terrible posture used during texting can impact your mood and your health. They break down this new phenomenon, which is being dubbed "text neck," as follows. If you think of the human head weighing roughly 12 pounds, that equals about 60 pounds of pressure being put on the neck. Over time, this position can affect the curvature of your spine. Frequent slouching can also lead to depression, they say.

How can this be averted? The Times says to just sit up, which sounds simple but can be detrimental to your well-being. Also, you might want to think about putting your devices away for a time. You have to imagine that the less time on your device would help cut down the strain being put on your neck over time.

That said, if you feel a pain in your neck, it might not just be the person on the other end of the DM; it could be the impact you're putting on your neck.