Hillary Clinton responded Saturday to reports that she protected a top adviser to her 2008 campaign after he was accused of sexual harassment by another staff member. Clinton, a typically outspoken advocate for feminist activists, took to Twitter to say that she was "dismayed" when she learned of the accusations and that she "had her concerns taken seriously and addressed." In the two tweets, Clinton said she was also "heartened the young woman came forward." She noted that she reached out to the accuser by phone on Saturday to tell her she was proud of her.

Clinton did not, however, address whether or not she kept the adviser on her campaign.

On Friday, the New York Times reported that the senior adviser of her 2008 presidential campaign, Burns Strider "repeatedly sexually harassing a young subordinate," yet was kept on the campaign by Clinton's request. Her campaign manager reportedly suggested that Clinton fire Strider, but she did not. The Times reported that instead he was docked several weeks pay, ordered to go to counseling, and the accuser moved on to a new job. Strider was Clinton's faith adviser. 

 A spokesman for Clinton provided the Times with a statement from the law firm that represented Clinton during the campaign. "To ensure a safe working environment, the campaign had a process to address complaints of misconduct or harassment. When matters arose, they were reviewed in accordance with these policies, and appropriate action was taken. This complaint was no exception."