Donald Trump Jr. embarrassed himself on social media again, and this time in a very “Let them eat cake” kind of way… literally.

The president’s firstborn turns 40 on Dec. 31, and apparently his buddies gave him an early birthday present with what looks like a giant cookie, decorated with a weak rendition of Shepard Fairey’s Obama portrait from the former President’s 2008 campaign. Donald Trump Jr. posted a picture of the “cake” as he called it (because I guess he doesn’t know the difference) to Instagram, posing next to former presidential candidate and forever-awkward Ted Cruz.


Is it me, or is this one of those things that isn’t explicitly racist, but just feels kinda racist-y given the source and the context? I can’t help but overlook the lawn jockey-ness of the whole thing. I don’t know, maybe there’s just something about two white Republican men satirizing a former president in edible form that feels less than kosher. No matter what kind of wrong this thing is, users were quick to clapback in the comments.

@avalons: “You’re a despicable human being. If I can even call you human.”

@diananicholettejeon: “What a rude racist u are. Your friends couldn’t even find an artist. To do a good job on making it, either. Can’t wait to see your orange jumpsuit shots!”

@poodlemommy: “Something is seriously wrong wtih you.”

And my personal favorite:

@djjensen6666: “Ted fingering you?”

And of course, Twitter is having their way with him too:

If the cookie weren’t offensive enough, Trump Jr.'s face is enough to do the trick. I kind of wish Obama would comment, “Eat me,” but we all know he’s too classy to so much as acknowledge the Trump clan’s petty fuckery. For what it’s worth, there’s a chance Donny II will be spending 41 behind bars.