You know, just because you can throw shade at an entire group of people who don't share your ideas doesn't mean you should, especially when you aren't smart enough to keep your message air-tight and non-meme worthy. One group that goes by the name Turning Point USA learned this the hard way on Monday when they created a poster featuring Tomi Lahren and the phrase "liberal snowflakes" and didn't realize they'd already played themselves.

No amount of rolling crying-laughing emoji can mask them putting in phrases like "screaming doesn't make you right" with a picture next to Lahren, who's been known to elevate her voice during her various rants to try and get her asinine, tone-deaf points across.

It was also hilarious to see them point out "crying doesn't solve problems" when right-wingers just tried to #BoycottKeurig when the company removed ads from Sean Hannity's program after he tried failed to justify Roy Moore pursuing a 14-year-old.

Someone even remixed the poster.

Speaking of remixing the poster, many just decided to correct the nonsense that Turning Point USA spewed with their creation.

Although, ultimately, it's the thought that counts...?