Even if you think Amazon's global dominance will eventually bring about a dystopian future where we have but one retailer and 50 percent of the population works for minimum wage in their warehouses, it only takes about 45 seconds of watching violent Black Friday news clips to resort to shopping there anyway. I mean, who the hell wants to get into a real world tug-of-war match with someone to get $10 off a gift for a nephew you couldn't give a fuck about? That's just not practical. That line of thinking has helped exorbitantly wealthy Jeff Bezos (Amazon's CEO) become even richer. 

Bezos saw his net worth skyrocket to a staggering figure that hasn't been touched since 1999 following the consumerist holiday. We speak, of course, of the $100 billion mark, which Bezos hit on Friday, making him the first super rich guy to have a 12-figure net worth since Bill Gates briefly attained it last century.

According to Bloomberg, Bezos's net worth rose by $2.4 billion over the past few days to hit the lofty $100.3 billion mark. This came about after Black Friday optimism bumped up Amazon's stock by 2 percent. In fact, compared to the same date in 2016, Amazon's Black Friday sales are up by 18.4 percent. Also that $2.4 billion bump means Bezos's net worth has risen by almost $33 billion this year alone.


Bloomberg also adds that Gates would be worth almost $150 billion by now, except that he gave away $2.9 billion of cash/assets to charity, in addition to 700 million Microsoft shares. Instead he's worth a paltry $86.8 billion.

Either way, kind of doubt Bezos cares about that.