A man on Texas' most wanted list was captured by authorities early Tuesday after showing off a collection of guns on his Instagram profile. Christopher Ricardo Gonzalez was captured by the Los Angeles Police Department after Dallas authorities used the Instagram livestream in question to pinpoint his location late Monday night, KTLA reported.

After Dallas police shared the location with the LAPD, officers arrived in Woodland Hills and discovered a rented vehicle connected with Gonzalez. Using the vehicle, 18-year-old Gonzalez attempted to flee before running into a power pole and exiting the vehicle. The vehicle, according to the Los Angeles Times, was a rented Chevrolet SUV. Gonzalez and another man, who has not been identified, then fled on foot before being found nearby by a police dog. Both men were transported to a nearby hospital for apparent bite wounds.


Gonzalez, also known as "Little Chris," had arrest warrants out in his name stemming from aggravated robbery and engaging in organized crime charges. The Texas Department of Public Safety, who previously offered up a $5,000 reward for information leading to Gonzalez's arrest, also reported in their most wanted listing that Gonzales was wanted for alleged murder. Dallas authorities had been tracking Gonzalez's social media presence for some time. The video that ultimately resulted in his capture reportedly showed Gonzalez displaying "an arsenal of weapons" for the camera.

Following treatment in a Los Angeles area hospital for the aforementioned bite wound, Gonzalez—an alleged Bloods affiliate—will be extradited to Dallas to face charges.