Millionaire and playboy Gianluca Vacchi, a man who was crowned the "coolest man on Instagram" by GQ UK in 2016, is having some money troubles. 


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The son of a billionaire, silver-spoon recipient ​Vacchi posts pictures of himself thoroughly enjoying the good life that wealth can afford. He has a whopping 11 million followers on Instagram—and, apparently, a similarly high amount of debt. Vacchi, who it seems from Instagram is constantly on vacation, reportedly owes creditors millions of dollars.

The avid Instagrammer has had some of his villas, his yacht, and his stake in a golf course near Bologna, Italy seized. 


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The embattled chronicler of luxury and occasional DJ has also just released his first ever single "Viento," perhaps in a last ditch effort to make some money. Spinnin Records, the label that released the cringe-worthy EDM​ track, has a blurb that accompanies the new single. It reads:

"Italian stallion Gianluca Vacchi presents his first ever single Viento! Even though this guy has plenty of moves himself, this tune will not stop you from showing your sexy dances yourself. The percussion is rhythmic and everything you’ll need for a sensual and sultry summer night, enhanced by some infectious horns that will make you go crazy!"

Crazy indeed. 


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The 50-year-old Vacchi is dating 23-year-old Ariadna Gutierrez, the woman who represented Colombia during the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant. Gutierrez is known for being famously mis-crowned Miss Universe by host you had one job Steve Harvey, only to find out she was actually the runner-up in the competition. 

The Telegraph reports Vacchi as having told Italian media, "It’s just a little debt."