If things like demons and devils and whatnot were real, New Year's Day would be the perfect time for them to all reveal themselves. Just imagine promptly admitting defeat on your first of many botched New Year's resolutions on Jan. 1, only to immediately be met with whatever the hell this is:

A demon on Facebook?
Image via Facebook

The photo, first shared (and later deleted) by Facebook user Richard Christianson, shows an admittedly grainy AF mystery object looming in the distance like it's auditioning for an ill-advised Donnie Darko reboot. The initial caption, Fox 13 reported, challenged fellow Phoenix-area residents to put their makeshift detective expertise to good use by, you know, figuring out what the hell the photo had actually captured.

Before Christianson deleted the photo, Mic reported it had landed nearly 90,000 shares and more than 10,000 comments from concerned Earthlings. "If u look close, u will see horns on side of head, wake up, people, Revelations is upon us [sic]," one Facebook user wrote, referencing a section of the popular horror novel, The Holy Bible. "Looks like an angel," another, less bible-y Facebook user wrote, according to Mic. "But I think it is a palm tree."

But, hey, the real commentary always arrives via Twitter:

Then, finally, someone passionately reasonable emerged with a timely shout-out to Mr. Christ:

The devil (demon, spirit, angel, et al.) could not be reached for comment, as he's very busy not existing.