A new electoral map designed by Survey Monkey is showing how various demographics will likely be voting this presidential election season, and it appears to be pretty split. 

The interactive map, allows voters to predict which major party will win the vote in each state and who exactly will be voting each way. Voters can also click through data pertaining to a series of key demographics based on education, race, and gender. 

Hillary Clinton is predicted to have a high turn out of women voters come Election Day, winning over major states including California and Florida. In terms of education, Donald Trump is expected to have an excellent turnout of voters who did not attend college in Texas, Arkansas, and Ohio. 

In regards to the "non-white" vote, Hillary is expected to wipe out in a majority of the states, while Trump will most likely bring a majority of white voters to the polls. And millennials will more than likely be casting their votes for Hillary this election in an overwhelming number of cities, while senior citizens are siding with Trump. 

This election still seems to be up for grabs, but the data suggests voters who are likely go to the polls on Election Day will probably be leaning towards Hillary. In addition to looking over the poll data by demographic, voters can also click through each state to see how many votes their candidate needs to win.