The second presidential debate was pretty much like the first one. Donald Trump gave non-answer answers and criticized Hillary Clinton— dude really called her "the devil" on national TV— and Clinton did her best to stave off controversy of her own.

As the debate came to a close though, co-moderator Anderson Cooper threw it to the floor for the next-to-last question from the audience, and we all collectively witnessed the making of a star: Kenneth "Ken" Bone.


Bone was identified as an uncommitted voter and his question was about what each candidate's energy policy would be, but that all paled in comparison to his pure presence, and Twitter quickly took notice. 

The reactions to Ken Bone ranged from his attire to his personal hobbies; even his relationship status. Let's just say Ken's already stolen a few hearts from his 15 seconds on live TV.

Even President Bill Clinton had to give him props.

Of course, with a last name like Bone the question came up: what's Ken's relation to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony?

The people of America love Ken Bone so much there's now a dedicated Facebook fan page for him. The first status on the page reads:

This is an official fan page for Kenneth Bone, a wonderful man who asked a question in the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on October 9, 2016.


Just look at that stache.


Ken Bone is all of us. And like Lil B:

Relive the magic one more time below.