Third party presidential candidate Jill Stein didn't let something like flying to the wrong city end her Ohio rally Friday. The Green Party nominee arrived at Cincinnati instead of Columbus, Ohio, reported the Columbus Dispatch.

Stein's geographic mishap was said to have been the result of a campaign staffer booking the flight to the wrong city. The rally was delayed as Stein drove to Capital University, where she was scheduled to speak. Stein later used the moment to remind supporters she was just like them, calling the incident "A little scheduling error." She added, "I wish we had the resources of the other candidates. We're the only candidate who operates like the American people."

Stein took another swipe at presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a tweet about the traveling mistake and another tweet criticizing the news coverage of the incident.

Last month, Stein and running mate Ajamu Baraka got a boost in web searches during a Green Party town hall hosted by CNN. Google Trends showed searches for the Green Party as well as Stein and Baraka increased at that time. The surge reflects a recent national poll by Morning Consult that showed half of Americans want to see third party candidates like Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson in presidential debates.

The Pew Research Center has released data showing that a disruption of the two-party system is in the works. Data showed the number of Americans identifying as independents has increased to 40 percent, more than the number of people identifying as Republican or Democrat, 23 percent and 32 percent respectively.

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