Last year’s Sony hack set off a chain of unforeseeable events like Jennifer Lawrence realizing how underpaid she was and speaking up about it, thus kicking off a fresh wave of feminism in Hollywood, or former chairperson Amy Pascal getting the boot following the release of some scathing emails about Angelina Jolie from producer Scott Rudin.

But with extreme transparency comes the possibility that the proverbial line is crossed and after a new set of leaked information on Friday, the nonprofit may have reached that point. Wikileaks just published 19,252 emails from high ranking members of the U.S. Democratic National Committee, Gizmodo reported.

Included in those emails from January 2015 to May 216 were a list of donors whose email and home addresses, credit card information, phone and social security numbers and passport information was exposed. According to Gizmodo, all you have to do is search the term “contribution” to pull up the sensitive information.

This latest data comes as part of a series of leaks from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she served as Secretary of State. After an investigation of her deleted emails, the FBI decided they would not push for criminal prosecution.    

With that out of the way, Clinton is focusing her efforts on pandering to millennial voters by dropping weak Pokémon Go references and launching a new tool to "Trump Yourself." In more serious news, she announced that Virginia Senator Tim Kaine would be her running mate.