For much of December it seemed like every bit of pop culture news was the result of the Sony email leaks. But despite all the information that got out, it only scratched the surface of what was compromised. Today WikiLeaks has made available for the first time 30,287 documents and 173,132 emails from Sony Pictures Entertainment. And for our convenience, it's all searchable.

In its decision to publish all the information, WikiLeaks has cited Sony as an influential corporation with ties to the White House and US military-industrial complex and the ability to influence laws and policies. 

"This archive shows the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation," Julian Assange said. "It is newsworthy and at the centre of a geo-political conflict. It belongs in the public domain. WikiLeaks will ensure it stays there." 

As we know, Hollywood heavily favors the Democratic Party. But the archives offer a detailed account of that relationship and reveal an effort by Sony employees to bypass the $5,000 corporate campaign donation limit to donate $50,000 to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Sony also reached out to the RAND Corporation, which specializes in research and development for the U.S. military and intelligence sector, ahead of The Interview's release. It was RAND that suggested Sony get in contact with the NSA and State Department to discuss North Korea's complaints about the film. 

Check out the fully searchable archive here

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