Most people who have experienced living or touring the major cities in the Northeast U.S. long enough know that Boston and New York hold the crown as the most disrespectful people in the country. But according to Travel and Leisure's latest poll, the southern most major U.S. city on the map, Miami, is the rudest city in America.

That's right, New York City jerks and "Mass-holes" have been bested—or rather "worst-ed"—in the category of the rudest people on the map. New York City ranked No. 1 atop the poll last year, and the criteria for the poll consists of a six-month survey from readers. According to Liz Marsh, communications director for Travel + Leisure, the survey was held on October 8, 2015, and closed on April 15, 2016.

Even with beautiful weather, physically attractive people, desirable weather, and a nightlife off the chain, readers cited Miami to be the least welcoming city. It had a "pretty high snob score" to help in the poll's results for Miami to sit at the top.

So next time some random person bumps into you without saying "excuse me," randomly robs you, or a driver speeding up when they see you jaywalking as a pedestrian in the streets of New York City, just think that it's not as bad as Miami and count your blessings.