DJ Khaled isn't afraid. He isn't afraid of lions, posing next to one for the fierce cover of his upcoming album, Major Key. And he's definitely not afraid of "they." But there is one thing DJ Khaled is afraid of: flying. In Complex's August/September issue, he's joined by motivational speaker, self-help guru, and co-cover star Tony Robbins, to take his fear of flying head on and engage in some major cloth talk.

This all begins after Robbins reminds Khaled that he is, in fact, a lion, and that this fear is just a "thorn." And so he invites Khaled to go to one of his events and proposes they take a flight together on his plane.

"That plane is a bitch," Robbins tells Khaled in their Complex cover story. "Great men do what they want. Bitches do what they can. No more 'can' stuff. You do what you want. I want to make sure that if you want to take a plane you can. Are you in?"

Here's how their conversation went down:

Khaled: I'm in. I'll tell you, not to be funny about this, but when I do overcome my fear—which we are going to do—what's going to happen is that I'm going to want a plane. [Laughs.]

Robbins: You are going to get one. But we got to get it so we can enjoy it up there. We've got a 100-foot wingspan. It's a global express. It will go from here to China nonstop.

Khaled: Everyone, this is what you call mogul talk.

Pick up some keys and more cloth talk by reading the DJ Khaled and Tony Robbins' full cover story here and purchase Complex's August/September issue here.