Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' opening night speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday was met with huge cheers from the assembled delegates, and great reception from politicians and commentators. However, it was one particular group whose reactions drew the bulk of the attention on social media.

Many Sanders supporters were moved to tears during his speech. Perhaps it was by his invocation of " the 13 million Americans who voted for the political revolution." Or maybe it was how he thanked the delegates "for being here, and for all the work you’ve done." Regardless, many in the hall were crying within the oration's opening minutes.

Twitter, true to form, was quick to mock these emotional, vulnerable moments. People were pointing out the criers, adding sarcastic commentary and turning footage of the crying supporters into GIFs with lightning speed. 

Articles about the phenomenon appeared across the Internet. One young man in a green hat, alternately referred to as "crying Peter Pan" and "sad Robin Hood," even became a breakout star. 

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