Shocking surveillance footage captured the moment a Phoenix woman allegedly ran down her boyfriend with her car after finding out he was HIV-positive. Misty Lee Wilke was later arrested after investigators found the victim's hair and blood on her Mustang, FOX 10 reports.

The harrowing video, captured from a neighbor's surveillance camera and initially shared to YouTube by BlueHorse Solutions, shows the man on a bicycle tossed and flipped over the vehicle as the driver appears to flee the scene. Wilke, 43, later told police her boyfriend had been "laughing at her about the situation" and attacked her with a pocket knife. Wilke has since been indicted on charges including attempt to commit second-degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and fleeing the scene, WLTX reported.

For reasons not entirely clear, BlueHorse's initial upload is scored by some highly unsettling music that's not even the least bit representative of its content:

The victim, who has not been publicly named, suffered a fractured vertebrae and a head injury. Additional surveillance footage, including the alternate angle below, shows other cyclists approaching the victim to offer assistance:

Wilke, represented by a public defender, is pleading not guilty to charges related to the April 29 incident.