Guns aren't even safe from gun fanatics anymore. A man attending a Phoenix gun show accidentally pulled the trigger and shot one of his friends after purchasing a firearm, police say. 

While both men have not been identified, the Daily News reports that the victim is expected to survive the accident. According to KTRK, the unidentified gunman was inspecting his semi-automatic handgun when the gun went off. The gunman's friend was immediately taken to the hospital after being shot in the torso. 

KTRK reports most gun shows have a strict policy on loaded guns, not only are attendees not allowed to load their own guns that they bring to the shows, but vendors are not supposed to sell loaded weapons. Even the Arizona gun show displayed a sign that read, "NO LOADED GUNS IN THE SHOW" to remind shoppers that loaded weapons are prohibited. 

Phoenix police are trying to figure out how the incident happened in the first place. Captain Damon Cecil, an officer on the case, told KTRK, "That's what we're trying to find out who loaded it, when was it loaded that's all going to be vetted in the investigation." KTRK notes that if a vendor sells a loaded, where loaded weapons are banned, the retailer can possibly lose its dealer license. Investigators are still searching for a suspect.