Anonymous has officially launched a campaign against Michelle Gregg, the mother of the 4-year-old toddler who fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo last week, which lead to one of the zoo's gorillas, Harambe, being shot and killed. The event has caused a divided national outcry, and Anonymous has launched Operation Harambe to hold Gregg accountable for what the hacktivist group is calling "negligent parenting."


The Anonymous Ohio Facebook page posted a video Tuesday calling for action against Gregg, who Anonymous seems to blame for the death of the endangered gorilla. Describing Harambe's action toward the toddler as non-aggressive and protective, the group said the gorilla should not have been shot. The digitized voice in the video then said that Gregg "failed to supervise her child" and that the situation "could have been avoided if not for [Gregg's] negligent parenting skills."

Anonymous then revealed the name and contact information of the pre-school in Cincinnati where Gregg works as an administrator and asked for an investigation into her, saying that the events at the Cincinnati Zoo could be a reflection of "deeper parenting issues at home." Going further, the group says Gregg should be charged under the Endangered Species Act for the death of an endangered animal.

On Wednesday, one day after the video was posted to YouTube, police launched an investigation into the toddler's parents. The Anonymous video was only one of thousands of complaints across social media, including a massive online petition calling for an investigation into the parents. Police said that the investigation is not looking into the safety of the zoo, but rather the actions of the parents that lead to their child ending up in the gorilla enclosure.