UPDATED 7/19/16, 8:10 p.m. E.T.: New Hampshire authorities have confirmed that two state troopers have been arrested after they were caught punching a suspect who had surrendered.

According to the Washington Post, troopers Joseph Flynn of the Massachusetts State Police and Andrew Monaco of the New Hampshire State Police have been charged with multiple counts of simple assault. New Hampshire’s attorney general Joseph Foster told the Washington Post that the troopers are scheduled to be arraigned in September.

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UPDATED 3:17 p.m. ET: Massachusetts State Police and New Hampshire State Police have reportedly placed the officers involved in the arrest of Richard Simone on leave, NBC News' Tom Winter reports. Earlier Thursday, Massachusetts State Police released a statement confirming an Internal Affairs investigation was ongoing. "If it is determined that a department member has not lived up to those expectations, we will take appropriate action," the statement read. Both departments did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.

Questions of police brutality are surrounding a recent arrest made in New Hampshire Wednesday night after officers were caught on camera beating a suspect as he surrendered.

According to 7News Boston, an unnamed man led law enforcement on a lengthy high-speed chase that started in Massachusetts and ended in New Hampshire. Video from news helicopters captured the final moments of the chase, which ended with the man stepping outside of his truck and dropping to his knees. The footage then shows New Hampshire and Massachusetts officers approaching the man and punching him as he laid down on the street.

An official for the Massachusetts State Police told 7News Boston an internal investigation is "likely," as many have questioned whether the officers used excessive force.

Though the man has yet to be identified, we do know he’s 50 years old, resides in Holden, Mass. and has warrants for larceny, assault and battery, and failure to stop. It's also unknown why police were pursuing the man in the first place.

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